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University Park Elementary (UPark) serves an ethnically and socio-economically diverse community of learners with fantastic educational results. And like many schools throughout Colorado and the nation, UPark faces budgetary challenges that threaten its ability to meet the academic needs of all of its students. For this reason, the UPark Parent Teacher

Association (PTA) created the Apple Campaign as one of its primary fundraisers to meet the deficit in our school’s budget.

The money from the Apple Campaign (as well as the Spring Auction) allows us to provide a $125,000 annual grant to UPark to help cover the cost of 2.5 teachers each school year. Without these campaigns, our class sizes would increase or we would be forced to eliminate other needed resources that benefit all children at UPark. The Apple Campaign is very important and is tasked with raising over half of this grant through direct giving, corporate matching, and stock gifts.

We hope that all UPark families will consider a donation of any amount. All donations are anonymous and tax-deductible. You can donate by check or online:

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