Educational Philosophy & Vision Statement


Our Vision Statement

We are a community of mighty thinkers and doers. We value each learner as an active participant on a personal journey toward success. We seek to understand ourselves and work together to impact our families, our community, and the world.

Educational Philosophy

Teacher with students in class

At University Park, we are committed to nurturing the whole child. Our teachers are lifelong learners with training to differentiate their instruction, challenging gifted students while ensuring success for all. Our instructional team collaborates to identify student strengths and needs, and then works collaboratively to ensure a comprehensive, targeted approach to teaching and learning. Physical fitness, wellness, the arts, and technology are integral and valued parts of our educational experience. At University Park, we love learning and foster a caring community built on respect, responsibility, and cooperation.

At University Park we are a caring community of learners…

…who are respectful and responsible.

School bus

We share a love of discovery…

…and take joy in our journey.